Automower 550

Perfect cut. Total Control. Less emissions.

Increase productivity and efficiency with the help of Husqvarna Automower® – the easy and cost-effective way to mow any type of lawn with a perfect result, freeing up man hours for more qualified tasks.
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Superior cut quality

The razor-sharp blades deliver a lawn quality that conventional blades can’t achieve and the miniscule clippings provide excellent, natural fertilisation for the lawn.
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Lower your cost per m2

Automower® works tirelessly and cost-effectively around the clock, allowing you to spend your time on more qualified and profitable tasks.
Remote Management

Remote management

Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows you to monitor and control your robotic mowers at any time from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Professional Automower® robotic mowers

We’ve driven the development of robotic mowing for more than 25 years. This has given us unique knowledge and experience, and led to a fleet of highly efficient, professional machines. Wherever you choose to use Automower®, you’ll get excellent results. They tirelessly spend their days producing perfectly cut lawns. Below are the five main reasons why Automower® is a smart investment for municipalities, facilities, sports clubs, landscapers and other businesses – from day one and many years to come.


Automower® – the perfect choice for many applications


Earn more by spending less time mowing

Investing in robotic mowers allow you to mow lawns at a considerably lower cost per square metre. All while you free up man hours to take on more qualified – and more profitable – jobs. And since Automower® is quiet, unobtrusive and provides an excellent cutting result, it’s sure to keep your customers happy. 

450X by castle

Towards a greener city

A green city is a beautiful city. In most cities and urban areas, there are mandatory rules for emissions and pollution. In order to create an attractive environment, a focus on sustainability is a must. Thanks to the significantly lowered CO2-emissions, using a robotic mower will help lower the overall footprint. The low costs for equipment and minimum need for labour makes it a profitable solution for municipalities striving for green and lush grass areas and long-term sustainable cities.

Automower 550 football field

Perfectly prepared for every game

To withstand heavy use, it’s essential to keep sports fields, such as football pitches, in pristine condition. Automower® is a proven and reliable solution to achieve this. The robotic mower requires minimum attention. It delivers an excellent cut quality at all times, while the nutrients and water content of the miniscule clippings results in a stronger, healthier turf – ready for any game.
Automower 550

High turf quality at a lower cost

Automower® is the perfect solution for golf courses. By letting a number of our robotic mowers run on semi roughs and fairways, you’re able to secure a high cutting quality of the grass – at a much lower cost compared to conventional, service-heavy cylinder mowing. You easily monitor and manage every mower via our digital tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ – from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Create a first-rate first impression

Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, an office building or another private property, you can rely on Automower® to provide impressive results. Working as a facility manager means that you often face a wide number of varying tasks throughout the day. Handing over the lawn care part of the workload to a robotic mower free up valuable man hours and minimise time for management all while you have complete control with Husqvarna Fleet Services™. Meanwhile the mower ensures an impressive, healthy and premium cut grass area your clients, guests and staff will surely appreciate as well as the silent and fume-less operation.

Automower 420/Gardener

How it works

If you work with commercial lawn care or manage municipal parks, our new professional robotic mowers open up a completely new way of working. Learn more about how it all works.
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Testimonial Pro Automower - Civica, Denmark 3m40s 16:9 MASTER

Odense, Denmark

In the 8.5 acres housing estate in Odense, Denmark, 10 robotic mowers from Husqvarna are making sure the grass of the slopes and grassy areas, as well as the soccer field, is always kept perfect.

Testimonial Pro Automower - City of Edinburgh 2m46s 16:9 UK

Edinburgh, UK

Instead of tractors, the city of Edinburgh has chosen Automower® for the lawn care at central parks, a cemetery and a school. The result has the caretakers in disbelief over the results. 


Professional Robotic Mowers


Parts & Accessories

Select from a range of original accessories and parts to augment your product and enhance your experience.


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