Many purposes

Better productivity

Using genuine Husqvarna fuels, lubrcants and filling equipment will secure the durability of your machine, maximizing your uptime and minimizing downtime.

Safety first

Our personal protective equipment is designed to be comfortable, durable, lightweight, and highly protective.
Bar length

Perfect fit

Each Husqvarna bar and chain is tested to work optimally with your chainsaw.

Chainsaw Parts & Accessories

A Husqvarna chainsaw is the result of rigorous testing, and over 300 years of engineering expertise. Our chainsaws are among the best in the world, and with original Husqvarna chainsaw parts and accessories you’ll ensure they last longer, perform better, and save you money in the long run.



Husqvarna's chains are designed to optimize your chainsaw and achieve high performance no matter what job you need to get done. There is always a chain to match your need in our assortment.


Husqvarna's bars are designed to optimize your chainsaw and achieve high performance no matter what job you need to get done. There is always a bar to match your need in our assortment.

Filing equipment

Keep your chain maintained. It will last longer and function properly every time. You can find all the tools you need in our wide range.

Battery Series Accessories

Ensure you have enough power to last the entire job, with a charger and extra batteries. The Li-ion batteries in our battery driven machines deliver unsurpassed, long-lasting power and come in a range of capacities. A backpack version will allow you to be more flexible – it’s ergonomic, robust and adjustable. And with our effective charger it will only be 35 minutes until you have full power again. With two batteries at hand you can work non-stop all day.

Bags and storage

Keep your chainsaw intact. Our range of quality carrying and storage bags will help you preserve them in good condition.

Lubricants & filling equipment

By regularly maintaining your chainsaw it will last longer. We have a wide range of lubricants and cans to make maintenance easier.

Personal protective equipment

Your body is your most important tool. Keep it safe it with our protective products, such as footwear, helmets, visors, glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

Arborist tools

Safety and flexibility is everything when you work high above the ground. Our arborist accessories take both aspects into account.

Forest tools

Get ready for a demanding environment. Our forest tools have the power to help you fix your job under any circumstances.

Tool Belt and Accessories

Forestry work involves different tasks, so let the Husqvarna Tool Belt Flexi adapt to all the challenges - allowing you to bring only the things you need for today's work.