Introducing a new pole saw for professionals:

Enhanced operator safety

• Dielectric gas-powered pole saw
• Individually tested to meet OSHA 1910.269
• Ergonomic and adjustable components reduce fatigue

Revolutionary versatility

• Designed for use in the bucket, in the tree and on the ground
• More productive than a manual saw
• More useful than a hydraulic saw
• Includes both 9' and 12.5' assemblies

Unmatched storability

• Quick disconnect
• Compact segments allow for secure storage

In the bucket, in the tree, on the ground

The inefficient days of hydraulic pole saws and manual pole saws are over. The Husqvarna 525DEPS MADSAW™ (MAD = Minimum Approach Distances) dielectric gas-powered pole saw offers revolutionary versatility in a variety of professional settings. Whether you're a tree care professional or a trained utility worker, you can use the MADSAW™ in the bucket, in the tree, or on the ground. 

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See the cutting-edge innovations that make the MADSAW™ a first-of-its-kind solution.


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X-Guard Dielectric Bar & Chain Oil – Designed for use in tools that are tested to meet OSHA 1910.269.

X-Cut® S93G Chain – Gives you excellent precision and performance in narrow spaces, making it perfect for professional tree care.

12-in Guide Bar –  Durable chainsaw guide bar designed for high-performance pruning work.

Boom Mount, Engine Side - Attaches boom to pole saw for improved capability and versatility.

Boom Mount, Bar Side - Attaches boom to pole saw for improved capability and versatility.

Storage Bag - Made of durable materials with multiple sections for safe and secure storage.