Increases utilisation rate

Husqvarna Fleet Services shows you how your machines are being used; guiding you to make the right decisions to create the conditions for a high utilisation rate.

Maximises uptime

The interactive system alerts you and your service dealer 25 hours before a service appointment. This allows you to be strategic about maintenance, thus maximising your uptime.

Guides to safety and efficiency

The vibration reports and active coaching on improved working techniques allows you to be proactive and improve the health of your staff as well as the efficiency of their work.

Make decisions based on facts – not estimates

What if you could have the status of your machines at the touch of your fingertips? What if you could always be proactive, always a step ahead of competition? Husqvarna’s Fleet Services does just that. It gives you the insights you need to make the best and most profitable choices for your business.

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This is how it works

It’s easy to get started with Husqvarna Fleet Services. The dealer equips your machines with sensors, which records the machines’ usage parameters. You also have an option to purchase so-called operator electronic id cards, which automatically and wirelessly will be paired with the machine sensors. The dealer registers your machines to your management website and provides you with a login. You connect the supplied base station to the Internet. When within a range of 20 – 30 metres from the base station, the sensors upload the usage data wirelessly via the base station to your pages, where it’s transformed into easily accessible information that tells you the exact uptime and productivity for your machines.


Your start page on Husqvarna Fleet Services is like a dashboard of your business. It gives you an overview in an instant of what is working well and what isn’t. You clearly see what to do in order to maximise uptime and profitability. But that’s far from everything you’ll find online. Check out the functions below and you’ll soon understand that this is far from an ordinary management website.

Husqvarna Fleet Service Dashboard and app
Husqvarna Fleet Services subscription model

A flexible subscription model

Husqvarna Fleet Services is available by subscription. When you equip a machine with a sensor, you’ll get a digital service book. You can then subscribe to Machine Workday Log and Machine Statistics. If you equip your operators with id cards, you’re able to subscribe to Operator Workday Log, Operator Statistics and Vibration Reports. You can add or remove services at any time via your Husqvarna dealer.

Pia Dosé

Trollhättan Cementary Operations, Sweden

“We had a too large and too strong fleet for the tasks we were doing. Husqvarna Fleet Services saves us a lot of work and we are now on top of the situation with full control!”
Pia Dosé, Landscape Engineer View full testimonial video


It’s easy to get started with Husqvarna Fleet Services. First: decide whether you want to monitor your machines only or if you’d also like to equip the operators of your staff with ID cards. The latter will allow you to get a view of their working conditions and their productivity and it will provide you with tools to help them in their profession. When the decision’s been made, your dealer can help you get started with the right gear.

Douwe Snoek

Snoek Hoveniers, Netherlands

“My expectations of Husqvarna Fleet Services are very high. Getting real data, that’s the main goal, and to know if we have the right fleet.”
Douwe Snoek, CEO View full testimonial video

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Fleet service brochure

For a more detailed description of the Husqvarna Fleet Services, we’ve put together this downloadable PDF folder. 

Husqvarna Fleet Services

What can Husqvarna Fleet Services do for you?

We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing landscapers, technicians and operators. We have visited their premises and followed them during their workdays. All this has given us great, in-depth understanding of what challenges professionals need to tackle. Click through the observations and see whether the challenges are valid also for your business operation.