Husqvarna's Commercial Fleet Program


Husqvarna’s Commercial Fleet Program is designed to provide commercial customers a volume discount on major purchases of new Husqvarna landscaping equipment. This program package is available only to companies or agencies who are involved in the professional lawn care or tree care business on a full-time basis or use the equipment as a means of producing income.

How it works

Commercial customers purchase qualifying Fleet products, each with an assigned point value, to build up bundles that can save them up to 25%. The more points, the more savings. They can also earn extended discounts beyond the initial purchase on qualified products for up to 2 years.
  • Commercial customers qualify for a Fleet Program discount when their purchase totals a minimum of 6 points on one invoice.
  • Points will be accumulated based on the units purchased, in any combination, at the point value assigned to the unit’s product category.
  • Qualified commercial accessories can be added to an original equipment order at the same discount level. These items do not count toward the point total but must be made at the same time as the original qualifying purchase.
  • When a commercial customer accumulates 6 or 9 Fleet Program points they are eligible for up to 20% on qualified units, and up to 25% on qualified commercial zero turn units.
  • The Fleet Program customer’s original 6 point or 9 point qualifying purchase makes that company eligible for re-orders of individual qualifying products (shown in the chart below) at the same Fleet Program discount for 12 or 24 months respectively. No other units qualify for the discount. The Fleet Program cannot be used with or as part of any other Husqvarna discount, rebate or promotional program.
  • No "grouping" of orders is allowed among multiple end-users including purchasing groups and leasing agencies to qualify.
  • Husqvarna reserves the right to modify and/or change this program with or without notice.

6+ 15%: zero turn mowers; 10%: all others
Initial Purchase and Qualifying Individual Units for 12 Months
9+ 25%: zero turn mowers; 20%: all others Initial Purchase and Qualifying Individual Units for 24 Months


Once commercial customers qualify for the Fleet program with a minimum of 6 points, they may continue to accumulate points within a 12 month period of their initial qualifying purchase by purchasing additional fleet qualified products. If they accumulate enough points within the 12 month period to achieve 6 or 9 points between their initial buy and additional fleet product purchases, they will earn the associated extended discount time period (ie. 12 or 24 months). Similarly, commercial customers may purchase qualifying products to extend their discount time period from 12 months to 24 months by placing an initial buy of 6 points and following that with an additional 3 points in fleet product purchases within the following 12 month period. If a commercial customer has already qualified for a 24 month extended discount period by placing a 9 point initial qualifying purchase, they may extend that discount by either 12 or 24 months buy accumulating 6 or 9 points in additional fleet product purchases during their 24 month extended discount period

*Commercial Accessories include the following: Bars, Chains, Arborist Gear, Forestry Tools, Batteries, Chargers, Battery Accessories, Personal Protective Equipment, Power Cutter Accessories, Zero Turn Accessories, and Specialty Turf Attachments. The retail price of an accessory must be greater than $125 to qualify.

**Where designated discounts are above standard 20% and 25% discount levels, dealers will be credited half of the retail discount percentage, against dealer base cost

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