Husqvarna X-Cut®: Designing a better saw chain

Why has Husqvarna decided to manufacture our own saw chain? The story starts at the end – with you, the chainsaw user.


With the release of the X-Cut® chain, Husqvarna offers original saw chains for the first time in history. These cutting-edge chains are built in the place where it all began: Husqvarna headquarters in Huskvarna, Sweden.

Why has Husqvarna decided to manufacture our own chains? The story starts at the end – with you, the chainsaw user. Through all the years of research and development, maximizing your productive output has remained the top priority. Such dedication to customers has made Husqvarna one of the world’s most respected chainsaw brands.

“Manufacturing our own saw chains is not something we have embarked on just for fun, or because we felt like it,” said lead engineer Hans-Åke Sundberg. “Through all the years, we have never stopped improving our users’ experience and output.”

More than just high quality

“The dream of an original Husqvarna saw chain has been with us for a long time,” said global product manager Mattias Karlsson. “Making it a reality, however, has taken a huge amount of planning, research and strategic thinking. There’s no trial and error in a Husqvarna product launch.”

The new X-Cut® chain had to match the high standard set by Husqvarna chainsaws. After all, the Husqvarna brand stands for more than just power and performance – it’s about trust.

“You must be able to trust that the machine you have invested in will give you the highest efficiency and the best results,” Karlsson continued. “Living up to those expectations requires considerable commitment from the manufacturer.”

At the heart of Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s new chain factory was built from the ground up over several years. Its location, next door to the original chainsaw factory in Huskvarna, Sweden, underlines the X-Cut® chain’s position at the heart of the Husqvarna brand.

As an advanced manufacturing facility, the chain factory features a variety of high-tech machines and winding production lines. No part of the X-Cut® chain arrives from a supplier; from raw steel to finished product, the entire manufacturing process takes place here. In fact, thanks to a sawmill addition, testing takes place here, too.

Developed backwards

“The single most important part of a logger’s day is the cubic meter output,” said Sundberg. “We worked backwards from there. We identified the right product features, the right manufacturing, the right materials, the right competence and the right mindset for a long-term venture into a new field.”

Prior to launch, the X-Cut® chain was tested and fine-tuned for about two years. In line with Husqvarna’s rigorous standards, a combination of lab and field tests were conducted. Testing in diverse environments proved vital for perfecting the chain’s features and design.

Ready for action

Following years of research, testing, development, collaboration with professionals and even more testing, the first Husqvarna saw chain is ready to work. The X-Cut® chain is ready for continuous cutting in the toughest environments. It’s ready to deliver maximum power and efficiency.

It’s ready when you are.

Chain Edge Optimal Heat Treatment

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