Introducing the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain

The X-Cut® is designed for a single purpose: to optimize the performance of your Husqvarna chainsaw. Built in Sweden to the highest industry standards, the X-Cut® will supercharge your tree and wood cutting work.

Following years of research, development and live tests, the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain is here. The X-Cut® is a low-vibration pixel chain that cuts a narrow kerf, while requiring less power than a standard chain. As a result, you'll accomplish more with your chainsaw, every single day.

Sharpness that lasts

From the cutter design to the manufacturing process, every facet of the X-Cut® chain is refined to the extreme. The X-Cut® chain features outstanding sharpness straight out of the box, and it lasts longer before filing is needed.

Low stretch

The X-Cut® chain is pre-stretched at the factory, allowing you to work longer without re-tensioning. Constant adjustments won’t slow you down, and the risk of damaging the saw due to a slack chain is decreased significantly.

High durability

A precisely balanced combination of materials and manufacturing processes have resulted in the X-Cut® chain’s excellent, dynamic durability. Wear on the cutting system is reduced, along with the need for service.

High cutting efficiency

The X-Cut® chain is designed to cut faster and smoother right out of the box. Your cutting efficiency is improved, and thereby your results. At the same time, less human effort is required, which makes the experience easier on your body.

Optimal cutting angle

A saw chain’s cutting angle is critical. The tighter the angle, the higher the sharpness – however, if you overdo it, the cutter will lose sharpness and break. With the X-Cut® chain, Husqvarna has found the perfect angle.

Chrome and steel exactly measured

The microstructure of the steel – not too hard, not too soft – and the chrome layer – not too thick, not too thin – have been precisely defined on a molecular level. This ensures the X-Cut® chain’s high sharpness and cutting capacity.

Superior lubrication

Small, arrow-shaped channels in the links transport oil to the X-Cut® chain during operation, guaranteeing superior lubrication. The result is less wear and tear on your Husqvarna chainsaw.

Optimal heat treatment

For the X-Cut® chain’s hardening, Husqvarna has developed a unique method. This process involves optimal heat treatment and cooling – creating an incredibly durable structure on the molecular level.

Chain Edge incl Box Chain Edge Optimal Heat Treatment

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