Husqvarna XP® chainsaws mean extra performance

Learn what makes Husqvarna's XP® chainsaws truly legendary tools trusted by real professionals the world over.

What makes a chainsaw truly legendary? At Husqvarna, we believe a chainsaw is defined by its capacity to work every bit as hard as you— cutting all day, every day, until the job is finished. That’s how we measure performance.

Husqvarna’s XP® chainsaws set the industry standard for peak performance. Compared to the competition, XP® chainsaws exist in a class of their own. In fact, most other chainsaw manufacturers produce only one chainsaw per engine class. At Husqvarna, we recognize that different users have different needs (after 330 years of innovation, we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry.) That’s why we’ve developed two pro-grade chainsaws per cc class: the Professional series and the XP® series.

What is an XP® chainsaw?

XP® stands for “Extra Performance.” Compared to the Husqvarna Professional series, XP® chainsaws are designed with more horsepower, a better power-to-weight ratio, faster acceleration, higher maximum rotations per minute (RPM) and a special power band optimized for skilled users.

Who uses XP® chainsaws?

The XP® series takes Husqvarna’s industry-leading pro-grade chainsaws to the next level of performance, exceeding the expectations of highly skilled tree care and forestry professionals around the world.

While the Professional series is ideal for pros who use their saws all day long, the extra performance of the XP® means more cutting, more productivity and ultimately more profit for the operator.

What are some benefits of an XP® chainsaw?

Husqvarna has engineered our XP® chainsaws for extra performance in a number of ways. Models such as the 572 XP® offer several key benefits.

More power:

XP® chainsaws deliver additional horsepower and an improved power-to-weight ratio through the use of stuffer plates. These plates increase the amount of compression in the combustion chamber, which increases the force and power generated. This extra horsepower means increased productivity, letting you handle tougher jobs without switching saws.

Faster acceleration:

XP® chainsaws have larger transfer ports, which carry more fuel and air mixture, creating more acceleration and torque where you need it. You’ll save time while limbing and cutting with the impressive throttle response.

Higher RPMs:

XP® chainsaws include an ignition coil that’s tuned for higher maximum RPMs, resulting in a higher chain speed. As a result, you can cut more material faster.

Power band:

Finally, XP® chainsaws feature a power band that delivers more power and torque within a specific RPM range. When operating the saw within this range, you’ll experience far superior power and performance. Plus, on XP® models outfitted with AutoTune™, the self-adjusting carburetor optimizes the air-fuel mixture to match the unique operation of the power band. This one-two punch delivers faster acceleration on all saws within the 40 to 70cc range, as well as more bottom-end torque on the larger displacement saws.

Do you have what it takes?

These are just a few of the details behind Husqvarna’s XP® chainsaws, which are part of our next generation lineup for professionals. If you have what it takes, the XP® series is ready when you are.


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