Discover Automower® robotic lawn mower for your business or commercial property

Why Husqvarna Automower®?

Husqvarna pioneered the development of robotic mowers over 25 years ago. Today, Automower® enjoys unprecedented success, with units deployed in hundreds of thousands of lawns and gardens around the world. Customers value the time they save and the better lawns they enjoy thanks to Automower®.

Professional spaces and businesses have embraced Automower® as well. Automower® is a dependable solution for:

  • Landscapers who wish to reduce their equipment and labor costs and focus on more profitable tasks.
  • Campuses that wish to transition to quieter, more eco-friendly lawn maintenance.
  • Commercial properties that want to reduce costs and improve their turf.
  • Home builders who want to attract potential buyers via smart home innovation.
Automower 550H


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