By putting high performance Husqvarna machines into your capable hands, we’re proud to help you keep cities, sports arenas, parks, playgrounds and even private gardens in perfect shape. For work and for play.
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Your partner for landscaping productivity

When companies try Husqvarna, they find good reasons to buy Husqvarna. They find a wide range of easy to use products, designed and built to increase their landscaping team’s productivity for lawn, garden and tree care work. They also discover business insights through Fleet Services that help increase profitability. And they get the chance to partner with Husqvarna and our network of local dealers who offer the knowledge and services that are the keys to optimal performance. They find the solutions they need to make business better.

To assist you with finding the right product, we can help put you in contact with your local expert dealer, who can arrange for a full product demonstration. We understand that you and your team value the opportunity to "try before you buy" and evaluate if Husqvarna is the right fit for your business.


With a legacy of over 325 years of innovating and perfecting, today’s Husqvarna tools feature cutting-edge performance, world-class reliability, and continuous comfort under extended use. So your crews can work smarter, not harder.

Battery Brushcutter 535iRXT

High performance anywhere, anytime

Our battery products are lightweight and quiet enough to be used in any environment. Since there are almost no vibrations or fumes, they are also perfect for work during long shifts, even indoors. If you use a backpack battery you will be able to work all day, whereas our integrated batteries are quick to recharge and easy to swap.

  • High performance
  • Saves you money in the long term
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • No fumes, less noise
  • All-weather use
Chainsaw 562 XP 562XP

Get more done in less time

We want your work to run smoothly, safely, and effectively when using our chainsaws and poles saws. That's why we focus just as much on the functions that make the saws easy to use as on power and acceleration. This ensures that you get a tool that does not restrict your work, but lets you deal with the task at hand.

  • Tested under extreme conditions
  • Superb manoeuvrability
  • More power, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions
Brushcutter 525RXT, 525 RXT

Tough jobs require easy handling

Husqvarna’s brushcutters and trimmers are built to withstand the most demanding jobs. They are not only reliable, powerful, and efficient, but also well-balanced, light weight and easy to handle. So you get a perfect result in much less time.

  • Low vibrations ensure extended usage, and lowered risk for injuries
  • High-tech engines provide high fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • Rear impact guard protects the tank and starter
  • Ergonomically designed harnesses with the user in focus makes working less strenuous and more efficient
Petrol Hedge Trimmer 525HF3S

Challenging hedge trimming made easy

Our hedge trimmers are powerful, yet lightweight and well balanced. Crammed with smart featues, such as twistable handles, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently in even the most demanding situations.

  • Advanced anti-vibration system keeps you alert and productive
  • Tough gear design for extended operation
  • Sharp blades with optimized cutting angles, speed, and big teeth openings for cutting thick branches
  • Long shaft and blades for increased productivity
Backpack Petrol Blower 570BTS

Experience force without feeling it

Our blowers have unique fans that generate high air velocity and powerful airflow. Every detail, from the fuel tank's capacity to the shape of the nozzle, is optimized for performance that makes your workday more profitable and convenient.

  • Powerful blowers that can blow away even piles of wet leaves
  • Perfectly balanced so that you don’t have to strain your shoulders
  • Fans are designed for maximum air speed, but minimum turbulence and air loss
Walk-behind LC 551SP

Take control of your lawn

Our lawnmowers are powerful and compact – perfect for smaller and tricky grass areas. With a robust design, and ergonomic solutions to keep you efficient even during longer shifts, they are reliable workmates that last for years.

  • Durable aluminium chassis
  • High-capacity collecting
  • Superb cutting in all situations
Zero Turn Mower PZ6029FX

Limitless cutting

Designed specifically to endure tough working conditions, Husqvarna Zero-Turn mowers feature individual, hydraulic wheel-drive, allowing them to rotate on their own axis. With premium comfort features and ergonomic design, they provide everything needed to meet the requirements of tough lawn maintenance.

  • Zero-degree turn radius
  • High productivity
  • Extended durability
  • Premium comfort level
  • Simplified serviceability
Front Mower P 525D

Save time with smarter mowing

High power and extreme versatility in a compact, durable format. That’s the winning formula behind the commercial-grade front mowers from Husqvarna. With their wide cutting decks and a wide range of useful attachments, these agile machines will help increase your daily turnover. Our front mowers have a tight turning radius, which saves time from reversing when turning.

  • Reach everywhere thanks to the low profile cutting deck
  • Superb traction and slope stability
  • Versatile use for all year round productivity
Lubricants and trimmer accessories

Add performance with Genuine Husqvarna accessories

Why let poor equipment get in your way? Genuine Husqvarna accessories allow you to keep working – and delivering great results on time. By choosing Genuine Husqvarna accessories and lubricants from our extensive product range you are guaranteed the same high quality throughout the lifespan of the product.

Husqvarna FleetServices, App, Sensor and Logo

An easier way to keep track of your equipment

Just put our sensors on your machines (even from other manufacturers) and you’ll always know where they are, how much they’ve been used, when they need to be serviced or replaced – and much more.
  • Full control of inventory
  • Location of all equipment
  • Updated statistics of usage
  • Basis for service/replacement


Testimonial CLG Gesvres Entretien, France 4m51s 16:9 MASTER

Gesvres Entretien, France

Landscaping company Gesvres Entretien maintains parks and sports grounds in Carquefou, France, and have enjoyed a successful relationship with Husqvarna for nearly two years. See what their teams have to say about the effect Husqvarna products and services have had on their day-to-day work, and overall business.

Testimonial CLG ISS Facility Services 4m9s 16:9 UK

ISS Facility Services, UK

ISS Facility Services provides trusted landscaping services in the Lake District of northern England.  According to Operations Manager Craig Hunter, “one of the main reasons we have stuck with Husqvarna for so long is because it enables our staff to deliver on a daily basis. The equipment is comfortable, the vibration levels are low, the breakdowns are minimal.”

Testimonial Battery City of Weissenfels 4m15s 16:9 VO DE with ENG sub

City of Weissenfels, Germany

When switching to a battery-powered fleet, the German city of Weissenfels invited tenders, and carefully assessed the different options. Every product that was offered was tested by the city’s landscapers, and in the end the choice was clear. Find out why Husqvarna’s products made the cut.


Husqvarna Professional Service helps you grow your business. Your Husqvarna dealer has solid knowledge of the conditions in your local area and can advise you on the machines and services that will increase your productivity. The dealer can also supply you with genuine Husqvarna parts, lubricants and accessories, as well as adequate service and repair.

P 525D Customer

Let's grow your business together

We listen to your needs, share your challenges and develop the solutions together with you to grow your business. Whether you’re concerned about fleet composition, maintenance strategy, team optimisation, equipment financing or any other issues of that kind, your Husqvarna dealer can help find solutions to challenges like yours. To help you find the right product, contact your local dealer, who can arrange for a full demonstration allowing you and your team to evaluate it properly.

Financing that suits you

We want you to have access to the machines that best match your particular needs. Having the right equipment for the job is essential for efficiency and profitability. Talk to your Husqvarna dealer about the financing options for your next machine purchase.

Lubricants and trimmer accessories

Add performance with Genuine Husqvarna accessories

Why let poor equipment get in your way? Genuine Husqvarna accessories allow you to keep working – and delivering great results on time. By choosing Genuine Husqvarna accessories and lubricants from our extensive product range you are guaranteed the same high quality throughout the lifespan of the product.

Packshot- Commercial spare parts

Add performance with genuine Husqvarna spare parts

Every part in a Husqvarna machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its optimal interaction with other components. As a result, genuine Husqvarna parts extend the lifespan of your machine, and help ensure safe, reliable performance across its lifetime.

Secure your productivity with optimal equipment

The product range from Husqvarna is one of the most extensive on the market. Having many products to choose from means a greater likelihood of finding a machine that suits your needs. Let us help you optimize your fleet composition with the right machines and equipment, and training for optimal machine use.

Service Handheld

Minimize your downtime with preventive maintenance and repair

All service is conducted by authorized technicians at our dealers, who specialize in the products you're using. Many workshops offer fixed prices for all forms of service, and each product comes with a detailed service plan, divided into time intervals. Performing maintenance on your machine on a continuous basis, and having it serviced at recommended times, will minimize the risk of unexpected downtime, and ensure the machine continues to perform optimally.

Chainsaw vibration test

Hand-Arm vibration exposure calculator

The EC – Directive 2002/44/EC lays down minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risk to their health and safety arising or likely to arise from exposure to mechanical vibration. The Hand-Arm vibration exposure calculator was developed as an aid to perform calculation of vibration exposure.

Manuals and downloads

Download Husqvarna operation manuals and other helpful documents.


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