Shaping your very own haven

Your garden is your sanctuary. It’s a place for rest and play. But it’s also your where you can set your creativity free to shape and recreate your surroundings.
No matter if you’re going for a luxurious orangery or aiming for the healthiest lawn, we’ve got your back with tools and experience you can rely on.
  • Striped lawn
  • Renovating the lawn
  • Landscaping

    Renovating the lawn

    When the weedkiller doesn’t bite and the brown patches take over, it’s easy to start doubting if your garden will ever look the same. But there’s hope. You can always start over with a lawn renovation.
    • Time: Depending on size of lawn and machines used
    • Effort: Medium
    • Level: Advanced
    Learn more about the lawn
  • 450X (hero modell)

    Husqvarna Automower - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lawn and Garden

    Garden Calendar – checklist of tasks for your garden

    There's always something to do in the garden. But when is the best time to complete certain tasks? Here in our Garden Calendar you'll get the best tips of what tasks you should concentrate on each month.

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Prepare your pitch for the winter cold

    As winter draws near, it's time to prepare the football pitch in the best way possible so that it's in shape come spring. Read grass expert Simeon Liljenberg's best tips for the very best results.

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    "Overall, Automower® delivers a better-quality pitch"

    After almost four months of testing, sports grass expert Simeon Liljenberg's verdict is clear: An Automower® robotic mower deliver a much better result than a conventional rotary mower.

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Automower® vs conventional mowing

    Husqvarna is carrying out a test where a pitch will be mowed by a professional Automower® robotic mower on one half, and a ride-on rotary mower on the other. Which will produce the best football turf?

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Are you overwatering your pitch?

    Being able to tell when and how often the pitch needs water can save you a lot of time and money, as well as eliminating problems in the future. The question is: are we, in general, irrigating too much?

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Five tips for creating a championship pitch

    Dreaming of having a grass as good as you'd find in Camp Nou or Old Trafford? It's possible. Simeon Liljenberg shares his five top tips that can turn almost any football pitch into a championship pitch.

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Perfect conditions for fast, fun football

    A pitch’s hardness can have a great impact on the games played on it. But how do you find out if the pitch is too hard – or too soft? Learn some basic tips and how pitches are measured for championship games.

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    Automower for Sports Clubs

    Gain valuable time to make improvements

    Mowing is a time-consuming task for many groundsmen. This could be done by Automower®, giving you approximately one extra day per week to spend on tasks that could improve your pitch.