The Connected Garden

Integrating your Husqvarna X-Line Automower® with other products such as a Gardena irrigation system and services such as Alexa voice-control puts you in total control over your garden.



Automower X-line Led Lights

The robots are taking over your garden

Early in the morning or late at night we see them, quietly roaming the gardens. With an intelligent mind and a futuristic look there is no mistake that theses robots are here to stay.

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450X with gardena smart system

Meet the modern mower: Automatic, intelligent and connected

Over the course of two decades, Husqvarna's robotic lawn mowers have made the company a star-studded juggernaut within the gardening realm.
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Automower App. version 2

See what your garden is up to - In real time

There is a constant flow of information in our lives, caused by technology and social media, where some trends seem to last for just a day or two. Being right in the middle of where the magic happens is the place to aim for.
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Apple Watch AM 330X

What does your garden do when you are not at home?

Home automation is now spreading out the back door to the garden. Thanks to new loT technology, robotic lawn mowers and other gardening devices can communicate with each other...

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Husqvarna connect hand and gloves

Now even gardening tools are becoming digital

Forget about rakes, manual mowers, water hoses, and an aching body after a day in the backyard. Tomorrow's gardening will be ever more automated, dominated by apps and voice-controlled devices - and every task will be performed exactly the way you tant it to. 

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