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Add-on system

Husqvarna Tool Belt Flexi offers multiple available accessories to serve all purposes, ranging from carrier hook and pockets to tool holsters and holders.
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When working long hours in remote areas carrying all equipment needed, Husqvarna Tool Belt Flexi ensures equal weight distribution.
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Make sure to start each day fully prepared. By using the available accessories, you will certainly have the right equipment to fit your needs at all times.

Add more flexibility to your work day

We know you need to work in offset locations and that you have to face all of natures unpredictable forces. Our new tool belt is designed to optimize workflow and maximize efficiency. The ergonomic weight distribution and the flexible add-on system make transporting tools and moving between different working areas an easy task.

Personalize your tool belt

A number of different add-ons (sold separately) are available to make your tool belt the perfect carrying system for your essentials - every day.