We constantly question and re-think how we design products and services to contribute to a sustainable future. Below are some examples of what this mindset has resulted in so far. Learn more and get inspired how to act and what to buy, to make sure that your future decisions are beneficial for you, your company and our planet.
Battery Through Body Design

May this force be with you

Go for our battery powered products and enjoy efficient, convenient and fume-free work. You'll also appreciate lower operational costs. And thanks to the virtual silent motors, you'll have the possibility to fulfil your tasks whenever you want to without disturbing anyone.

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535iRXT, Bruscutter, Battery, ErgoFeed Trimmer Head

A push of a button for the environment

ErgoFeed is a smart function on our battery brushcutter 535iRXT. You just push a button to get the trimmer line you need, which reduces the risk of unintended trimmer line feed and unnecessary waste in nature.

Let a robot wander around

Automower® roams free to deliver a consistently even, carpet-like lawn. Virtually silent with zero emissions. It frees up valuable time so you can get on with your next task – or just take a well deserved break.

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Husqvarna Fleet Services - garage wall

With fewer machines, everybody wins

As a professional, you can access machine data to avoid having too many machines that you seldom use – a winning concept for both your finances and our environment. This is one of many benefits of using our digital tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™.

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P 535HX Hybrid

Introducing "don't disturb mode"

Besides a silent transportation drive between jobs, our professional hybrid (diesel-electric) front mower Husqvarna P 535HX offers an extra wide cutting deck – and 30% less fuel consumption compared to an equivalent petrol ride-on mower.

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Forest image for 2T Re-Power

Refuel with nature

Re-power, our alkylate fuel with renewable content, provide cleaner combustion and less direct emissions. This extends our machines' lifetime, improves your working environment and – last but not least – reduces the carbon footprint.

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Here you'll find articles that show some of our diverse work and initiatives that in different ways make our lives more sustainable – today as well as tomorrow.

  • Living city digital event 2020 - image

    Highlights from Living City 2021

    We arrange an annual international conference now called Living City on how smart landscaping, satellite data, connected products and emerging technologies can improve urban areas and create greener, more living cities.

  • Battery Box Tools for You

    Use someone else's machine

    We believe that sharing equipment could be a great complement in the future. Therefore, we're conducting test projects such as "Tools for You".

  • Fleet Services Carbon footprint

    Make a smaller impression

    If you work professionally and change from petrol to battery machines, you can see the environmental impact of every action you take. All thanks to our digital function the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

City of Weissenfels

Customer testimonial

All green areas in the city Weissenfels are maintained with battery products from Husqvarna. The operators are impressed by the machines' efficiency. And people nearby by the low noise levels. "They think we can't be working since they can't hear us. But we've finished long ago. You just don't hear it", an operator says.
Public landscaping, Weissenfels, Germany Watch video on YouTube