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What is BioLife?

At Husqvarna we’ve spent the past 100 years creating tools to help people look after the nature they love.

We believe every garden plays a part in carrying forward biodiversity.

In 2018, we set a vision for working towards zero accidents involving small animals and our products. One of our actions is hedgehog safety-tests for Automower®, and we’re constantly developing new ways of reaching our vision.

For the love of our planet. For the love of nature.

Garden MVPs

Your garden wouldn’t be the same without them. Meet some of your garden’s most valuable players.

The Hedgehog
The hedgehog is one of the most popular animals in our close environment. In addition to being super cute, the hedgehog preys on many common garden pests like snails and snakes. For unknown reasons, the hedgehog population has decreased rapidly in the past five years. Help them avoid traffic by building holes and paths for easy passage through your garden. Remember to check your grass, bushes and hedges for hedgehogs before cutting or trimming.

The Ladybug
Ladybugs are hungry, hungry bugs. In fact, they can eat up to 5000 aphids over a lifetime. So, if you want to keep your garden free of pests such as mealybugs, mites and scale you should stay on the ladybug’s good side by putting out tiny bowls of water once in a while.

The Bees
This MVP needs no introduction. These feisty miracle workers do wonders for your garden, but as the bee population is decreasing at a worrying rate all over the world, we need to give them a helping hand as well. Head over to this page for some tips on making your garden as bee-friendly as possible.

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Biodiversity Hacks

Here’s how our innovations are helping gardens become more biodiverse.

Automower® Pivoting Blades
Husqvarna Automower® pushes the industry standard in smart lawn care thanks to its automatic lift system and folding pivoting blades, which allow you to tend your lawn with caution.

How your mower can help preserve wildlife
Your hedgehog neighbours love to explore gardens at dusk and dawn. Here’s a simple solution to let them roam free while it’s dark out: head to the Automower® IFTTT page to set up a wildlife adapted cutting schedule in just a couple of minutes.