Use it with ease

Use it with ease

Rough terrain

Designed for rough terrain


Get it done efficiently

Professional Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna professional lawn mowers have everything you need to run your business efficiently. All our commercial lawn mowers are powerful and compact - perfect for smaller and tricky grass areas. Their ergonomic design solutions allow you to keep up the pace and stay efficient even during long shifts. We also have a wide range of entry-level Petrol Lawn Mowers, Electric Lawn MowersTractor Mowers and Garden Lawn Mowers available. 
Commercial lawn mower

Experience efficient mowing and greener results

All our commercial lawn mowers are mulching machines, which means that the grass is cut twice and finely chopped. The cuttings are then scattered on the lawn surface, where they quickly break down and nourish the soil. By using grass cuttings as natural fertiliser, vital nutrients are replaced in the soil. Mulching contributes to regular fertilsiing the lawn, which makes the grass grow stronger and healthier. The lawn takes on a lusher, thicker and glossier finish. This means less chance for weeds, moss and dandelions to grow. The denser coverage also shades the soil and improves moisture retention.

Superb cutting in all situations

Our professional lawn mowers offer outstanding productivity day after day. The main reason for this is the roomy design of the cutting decks that enables high volumes of grass to be cut. This is a major contribution to Husqvarna's commercial grade lawn mowers well-known and appreciated performance. The decks design even makes it possible to get great cutting results even on damp surfaces.
Large cutting deck
Aluminium cutting deck

Durable aluminium chassis

We've paid careful consideration when selecting the right material for our professional walk behind mowers. Not least when it comes to the cutting decks. They are all cast in one-piece aluminium, which gives optimal torsional rigidity and expands service life. Aluminium is a light material that doesn't rust and it's solid enough for tough and demanding operation for a long time.


Professional Walk Behind Mowers

Our commercial lawn mowers have many smart and convenient features that help you achieve productive mowing.


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