Husqvarna forestry tools and protective clothing

In forestry, success is measured in terms of productivity. A good day means that your equipment holds up under the same demanding conditions as you do. And that requires not only cutting-edge performance but state-of-the-art safety features, world-class reliability and continuous comfort under extreme use. With a legacy of over 325 years of testing and perfecting, today’s Husqvarna tools and protective equipment are designed to help you work smarter, not harder.


Our wide range of high-performance products is born from a relationship between our company and the people who use our equipment to shape nature every day, and who need serious kit to do serious work. When the going gets tough, Husqvarna tools are tougher. 

Working with chainsaws - Woodcutting 4 54s 16:9 MASTER


Every Husqvarna chainsaw is built with just one goal in mind; to maximise your productivity. Our outstanding user-centred design means that you can do more work with less effort. Effective solutions like AutoTune™ and Air Injection let you spend more time cutting, with less downtime.

Forestry Clearing Saw 545FXT

Clearing saws

Tackle any terrain you need to tame, with a forestry clearing saw from Husqvarna. Our commercial-grade clearing saws easily remove small trees, bushes and brushwood with professional power and performance.

Chain Edge

Chainsaw chains

Husqvarna chains have been fine-tuned through research, testing and collaboration with professionals in the industry. Anyone who uses a Husqvarna chainsaw, fitted with a Husqvarna chain, can expect maximum efficiency, and high productivity.

Chainsaw H562XP with X-FORCE bar and C85 chain

Chainsaw bars

Original Husqvarna bars are made to fit perfectly with your Husqvarna chainsaw, and have withstood the test of time. With genuine chainsaw bars from Husqvarna you’ll enjoy optimal efficiency and safety, and prolong the life of your Husqvarna chainsaw.

Combi can

Fuels, lubricants and filling equipment

Husqvarna’s range of fuels, lubricants and filling equipment is developed, lab-tested and quality-controlled by Husqvarna engineers to ensure optimum engine performance. A wide selection is available to suit your needs.

Chainsaw PPE Accessories

Chainsaw accessories

A machine is only as good as the parts it's made of. Using only Husqvarna genuine replacement parts and accessories guarantees optimal efficiency and prolongs the life of your Husqvarna machines.

Technical Extreme - PR image

Personal protective equipment

Inspired by the best athletic wear, protective clothing by Husqvarna comes with built-in agility and a host of features to enhance comfort and performance — all without ever compromising safety.

Illustration Concept Husqvarna Axe - Product

Axes and tools

Forestry and wood cutting tools are unbeatable partners when needed. Our selection of splitting axes and wedges, splitting mauls, hatchets and timber hooks can ensure that you get the job done safely and confidently.


Husqvarna products are sold by authorised dealers, many of whom have worked professionally in forest-related jobs. Husqvarna dealers make customer satisfaction a top priority, with expert advice, professional support and proactive maintenance throughout the product's life cycle.


Professionals are the same all over the world. They demand results. Take advantage of their experience and insights to learn how you can work smarter, not harder.

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