Perfect match

With our extensive range, you can always be sure you're using the right fuel and lubricant for your machine.

Convenience on the go

Designed to make refilling quick and easy, Husqvarna's range of filling equipment is ergonomic and convenient.
Low fuel consumption

Better productivity

Using genuine Husqvarna fuels, lubricants and filling equipment will ensure the durability of your machine, maximising utilisation and minimising downtime.

Lubricants, fuel and filling equipment from Husqvarna

Husqvarna’s range of quality fuels, lubricants and filling equipment have been developed, lab-tested and quality-controlled by Husqvarna engineers to ensure optimum engine performance. A wide selection is available to suit your needs.


Give your Husqvarna machine what it needs. Our fuels and lubricants are made of the highest quality components, developed by Husqvarna, for your Husqvarna products.

Cans and filling equipment

Our cans enable you to refuel quickly without splash effects or any waste.

Saw chain, oil and grease

Give your Husqvarna a longer life and help it work smoothly. We have a wide range of lubricants and greases.