Easy start

Easy to Start

Husqvarna's arborist chainsaws are easy to start, even when high up in the canopy.
Battery chainsaws


Our professional battery chainsaws are so quiet that they enable operators to work in noise sensitive environments. If you keep a second battery in the charger, you can keep on working non-stop.
Power and Performance

Sustainable friend

Husqvarna battery and petrol top handle chainsaws deliver performance and long lasting power.

Top Handle Chainsaws

Specially designed for use by trained arborists, top handle chainsaws are used when working off the ground and in trees. Renowned within the industry for having some of the best arborist equipment on the market, Husqvarna offers both battery and petrol chainsaws suitable for operation in a variety of challenging environments.

*Users of top handle chainsaws are required to show an appropriate certificate of competence before purchasing any arborist chainsaw.

Petrol top handle chainsaw

Increased productivity

Husqvarna's petrol powered top handle chainsaws are each fitted with the latest and most innovative engine technology helping to increase the productivity of the operator. 

With an automatic engine management system (AutoTuneTM) Husqvarna's arborist saws automatically compensate for air filter condition, fuel mix, altitude and weather conditions to ensure optimal chainsaw performance, reducing the number of operator stoppages and downtime.

X-Torq engines help improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% reducing running costs, while also increasing torque up to 28% for the professional chainsaw user.

Easy to start - high above

When high up a tree, the last thing an arborist needs is a chainsaw that is difficult to start, especially given the stop start nature of the work. That's why Husqvarna has built its range of arborist chainsaws with a number of helpful features that make them quick and easy start off the ground.

These professional petrol chainsaws offer a helpful auto-return stop switch which ensures the machine is always ready to run and prevents engine flooding, whilst the battery powered arborists chainsaws have an intuitive press and go keypad. 

Battery top handle chainsaw
Chainsaw maintenance

Keep on running

At Husqvarna we understand that to an arborist, the chainsaw is the lifeblood of the business. Without it, the business cannot carry on. That is why Husqvarna offers excellent availability on spare parts and accessories for its professional chainsaws. By combining high quality materials and development based on the needs of forestry professionals, Husqvarna spare parts and accessories are built to the same very high standards as the professional chainsaws  themselves.


Chainsaw T525


£619.00 Rec. retail price inc. VAT

Petrol Top Handle Chainsaw

Powerful, low weight and compact petrol arborist chainsaw ideal for lighter arboriculture tasks such as pruning.

Chainsaw T535i XP


£499.00 Rec. retail price inc. VAT

Battery Top Handle Chainsaw

Battery powered, designed for professional users, lightweight, extremely easy-to-use top handle chainsaw with high performance



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